Walking Bass Lines for guitar - The Blues in 12 keys


Jazz Guitar Workshop - Blues in 12 keys Walking Bass Lines Book & Mp3 playalong  $16.95 

Jazz Guitar Workshop - Walking Bass Lines 

The Blues in 12 Keys is a complete guide for the jazz guitarist demonstrating the devices used to play walking bass lines and chords in solo or accompaniment settings.
Drop 2 chord voicings, 3 note voicings, Chord inversions, Chromatic approach notes, Voice leading, Triads, 7 th chords, Harmonic anticipation, Pedal points, Turnarounds, Tri tone substitution, Bebop blues progression.

Part 1 Demonstrates the various techniques used to provide forward motion into bass lines and outlines comping patterns to build a fluid walking bass style for all musical situations.

The exercises build in a stepwise progression and are designed to give the guitarist a solid foundation in the walking bass style incorporating 3 note voicings as well as drop 2 voicings.

Part 2 expands on the lessons and techniques used in Part 1 providing the guitarist with 60 choruses of examples written out in all 12 keys covering the Jazz & Bebop blues progressions. 


PART 1 The Blues in F

The 2 feel walking bass lines - The root & 5th

2 feel walking bass lines - V to I motion 

Rhythmic embellishment of the 2 feel 

The jazz blues progression 

The jazz blues progression & the application of triads 

The 4 feel constructing walking bass lines with triads 

Voice leading the Dominant 7th chord 

The chromatic approach from below 

The chromatic approach from above

Chromaticism and the walk up

and the walk down

Repeated notes and chromaticism 

Harmonic Anticipation and playing across the bar 

Voice leading & 7th chords

Pedal points 

Tri-Tone substitution

The Turnaround 

Drop 2 voicings 

Incorporating drop 2 voicings into walking bass lines 

Bebop Major blues progression 

PART 2 The Blues in 12 Keys

Blues in F 

Blues in Gb  

Blues in G 

Blues in Ab 

Blues in A  

Blues in Bb

Blues in B 

Blues in C

Blues in Db 

Blues in D 

Blues in Eb

Blues in E

In Conclusion

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