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Jazz Guitar books  Guitar Lesson videos Guitar tabs Playalong downloads

Walking Bass Lines for Guitar 


Listen to a sample of whats inside the Book - Bebop blues in F 

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Jazz Guitar Workshop - Walking Bass Lines  Guitar tab.

The Blues in 12 Keys is a complete guide for the jazz guitarist demonstrating the devices used to play walking bass lines and chords in solo or accompaniment settings.
Drop 2 chord voicings, 3 note voicings, Chord inversions, Chromatic approach notes, Voice leading, Triads, 7 th chords, Harmonic anticipation, Pedal points, Turnarounds, Tri tone substitution, Bebop blues progression.

Part 1 Demonstrates the various techniques used to provide forward motion into bass lines and outlines comping patterns to build a fluid walking bass style for all musical situations.

The exercises build in a stepwise progression and are designed to give the guitarist a solid foundation in the walking bass style incorporating 3 note voicings as well as drop 2 voicings.

Part 2 expands on the lessons and techniques used in Part 1 providing the guitarist with 60 choruses of examples written out in all 12 keys covering the Jazz & Bebop blues progressions. 

Jazz Guitar Workshop 12 key workout  copy

Jazz Guitar Workshop  - 12 Key Jazz Guitar Workout

Major and Melodic Minor Edition


 Jazz Guitar wood shedding exercises in 12 keys -

The Major scales modes and arpeggios over 2 octaves in 12 keys.

Diatonic triads, diatonic 7th chords, broken thirds, sequences, triadic and 7th chord


Melodic Minor scales, modes and arpeggios over 2 octaves in 12 keys.

including Lydian Dominant, Augmented ( maj #5 ), Diminished Whole tone (alt Dom )

Locrian #2 (min7b5).

Jazz Guitar Workshop Book I - Daily Warm Up Exercieses for Guitar.

Guitar Method for developing a dedicated daily practice routine utilising scales, modes & arpeggios

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